by: JD Ross, Co-Owner – The Hickory Tree


So if you’re like us, you want your home to look nice. You like pretty things…but you’re not obsessive about it (hopefully…come on, there are more important things).

We like to follow home and interior design trends as best we can and will make little updates to our decor and furnishings every once in a while. For example…changing all the pillows in your living room can make a huge impact, for not a lot of money. If you have mostly basic, solid color/texture, quality-made furniture, you can spice it up with new pillows or throws, coffee table books, or plants in colorful pots! If you find a new framed piece of art you love, you can swap it out for something else and freshen up a room.

Meredith and I go to High Point Furniture Market to see what’s new in the furniture and design world, what new colors are trending, what’s going out. We don’t buy furniture for the store (being all consignment), but it helps to know what’s popular and what’s selling. Here’s a video preview of the Spring 2018 Market to offer some ideas of what to look for:

While we’ll never claim to be (or want to be) “trendy”, we like to surround ourselves with things that make us happy. A trend that does make us happy is seeing that the monotone grey/industrial palette is on the way out. It was fine for a little while, but come on…we like sunshine too. Get ready for more color, new floral patterns, more texture, softer, more traditional lines, and more handmade items (i.e. ceramics). Wohoo ~

We’ll keep our eye out for items that fit those descriptions coming into the store over the next 6 months. So check in often to see what’s new. And if you have items of your own in those styles that you no longer have a place for, bring them in to sell on consignment! Now’s the time!